Rock Climbing Wall Rental

The First Mobile Rock Climbing Wall to Offer Four Independent Climbing Surfaces. This popular attraction is perfect for corporate events, festivals, school carnivals, birthday parties & much more. It’s also ideal for those looking to build self esteem and confidence in kids of all ages. It’s a great “eye-catch” to draw attention and welcome guests to your event, & allows climbers to compete against each other if they choose to.

This is a safe, fun, and challenging activity. All participants will be harnessed and assisted by trained staff members, ensuring that your guests experience the thrill of climbing safely while having a blast! This is a great way to get over those fears of heights that may be holding you back in life. It’s also a wonderful way to encourage team work, communication and problem solving skills.

All participants must be between 45 and 200 pounds, and must have a signed waiver by a parent or legal guardian. Once a participant is fully harnessed and ready to climb they must remain in the harness area until they are notified to begin climbing by a trained staff member. When climbing the participant must remain upright and must descend straight down after each climb. Any horseplay on or around the rock wall is strictly prohibited.

The price of the Rock Climbing Wall Rental includes two Bouncey House Rentals staff members to harness and assist the participants. Additional staff members can be added for a fee. Adding more staff allows you to serve more rock climbing participants at once allowing your event to run smoothly and efficiently.

Keeping multiple kids entertained at the same time can be a challenge at any party or event. An inflatable rock wall climbing mountain will accomplish this in a safe and exciting way. Climbers can challenge each other to see who can make it to the top first. It’s a one of a kind party attraction that will get people talking and drawing attention to your event.

Embarking on a rock climbing adventure begins with understanding the essentials. Our Rock Climbing Wall Rental services offer a diverse range of walls suitable for beginners to advanced climbers. Explore the basics and choose the perfect wall to elevate your event.

Safety First
Ensuring the safety of participants is paramount. Our rock climbing walls adhere to the highest safety standards, equipped with certified harnesses and experienced staff. Dive into the details of safety measures to guarantee a secure and enjoyable climbing experience.

Choosing the Right Rock Climbing Wall
Tailoring to Your Event
Every event is unique, and so should be your rock climbing wall. Discover how our customizable options cater to various occasions, from corporate gatherings to birthday parties. Elevate your event’s excitement with a rock climbing wall that suits your specific needs.

Size Matters
Delve into the factors influencing the size of the rock climbing wall you choose. Whether it’s the space available or the number of participants, understanding the dimensions ensures a seamless and enjoyable climbing experience for everyone.